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The Pokrovsky Gate

Покровские ворота (The Pokrovsky Gate) is a romantic comedy produced by Mosfilm and shot in 1982 by Леонид Зорин (Leonid Zorin).

The action takes place mainly around Pokrovsky Gate, which is situated at the far end of Чистые Пруды (Chistye Prudy).

Three of the songs in the film were written and performed by famous bard Булат Окуджава (Bulat Okydzhava).

The plot

In the 1950s, Kostik a young student from a provincial town, arrived to Moscow and lives with his aunt in a communal apartment. He soon get acquainted with the other residents: Marguarita Pavlovna who lives with both her former husband, Lev Khobotov, and her new fiance Savva Ignatevich, and Arkady Velyurov, a musical comedian.

Kostik, with the energy and the frivolity of his youth likes to make fun of the residents, but he will also help them to find happiness, while he himself falls in love with the beautiful Rita.