Articles with photos and videos about Russian history


Army Training under Peter the Great

Russians soon understood что с необученным войском против шведа не повоюешь (that with an untrained army against the Swedes, they would had no chances to win). […]

The Borrowing of Foreign Words

Russian language has been influenced by different foreign languages over the centuries. Greek, Dutch, French, German words were introduced to our language and leaving little to […]

The Reforms Under Peter the Great

Начало существенных перемен в жизни России (the beginning of significant changes in Russian life) that took place in the early 18th century тесно связано с именем […]

Victory Day – The Song

Девятое мая – День Победы! А для всех русских людей это особый день. Это день, когда закончилась Великая Отечественная война (May, 9 is Victory Day! And […]

Russian Film: Prisoner of the Mountains

I’m always a bit nervous when it comes to watch a film based on a book. And so was I when I heard that Lev Tolstoi’s […]

A. P. Chekhov description of people are always concise and precise

As a doctor, and one of the greatest Russian writers of short stories, A. P. Chekhov description of people are always concise and precise.

Russian Idiom: The Orphan of Kazan

The orphan of Kazan such is the name given to people who can not help complaining about everything, especially about how hard their life is, often […]

The Hipster Subculture in Soviet Union

By the late 1940s a youth subculture appeared in Soviet Union and rapidly spread in major Soviet cities. People who took part of this movement were […]

Russian Idioms and the Memory

Today, we will discover three expressions related to the memory: Mark my words, Ivan not remembering his kin, Talk of the devil.

Alexander Nevsky (1220-1263)

За славную победу на Неве русский народ дал князю Александру прозвище Невский (for that glorious victory on the Neva River, he received the sobriquet of Prince […]