Russian Jokes

During the Soviet times, there was a very popular joke…

White Sun of the Desert

“Белое солнце пустыни” (White sun of the desert) is a cult film in Russia. It’s a mixed film between action, comedy and drama. It was produced […]

Ivan Vasilievich Changes Profession

Иван Васильевич меняет профессию (Ivan Vasilievich Changes Profession) is the last film of приключения Шурика (the adventures of Shurik). It was directed by Леонид Гайдай (Leonid […]

The Diamond Arm

Бриллиантовая рука (The Diamond Arm) is one of the most popular comedy film from the Soviet era. Produced by Mosfilm studios and directed by Леонид Гайдай […]

What Soviet Newspapers Do You Have?

During the mid-70s, when Советская Россия (Soviet Russia) was still достаточно стабильна (fairly stable) and the people единодушно голосовали за (unanimously voted for) the party, funny […]