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How to find your way around a Russian city

Today, let’s talk about how to read an address and how to find your way around a Russian city.

Let’s start with the names of the street:

Улица Street
Проспект Avenue
Переулок Lane, side street
Шоссе Highway
Площадь Square
Бульвар Boulevard

And then, once you are in the right street, you need to look for:

Дом Building

To find the way around a Russian city

Here, you will find the number of the building. It is usually written on each building. You have to be careful, as sometimes the numbers don’t follow each other, it depends on how many buildings there were to start and how many have been built during the following years. Also, numbers might not be directly on the street, a whole block is considered to belong to one street, even if some are closer to another one. Google map is a great help the first time you’re going somewhere. A корпус is a separate building close to the main one.

Корпус House, Building

In a дом or a корпус, you can have lots of different entrances:

Подъезд Entrance, front door

Be careful, in Russian, the ground floor is considered the first floor:

Квартира Apartment
Домофон Entry phone

And now this is addresses are usually written: Фестивальная улица, дом 24 Корпус 3, Подъезд 12, Этаж 5, Квартира 567.

In order not to be lost you can use Google Maps or Yandex Navigator. Try both and choose one which suits you more or you can use both of them at the same time:)