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Russian Idioms: Hard nut to crack

Hard nut to crack, this is how we call people which are slow to understand or which are difficult to persuade to agree on anything

Russian Idiom: The Orphan of Kazan

The orphan of Kazan such is the name given to people who can not help complaining about everything, especially about how hard their life is, often […]

Ryazan is a typical Orthodox city

Ryazan the name slightly echoes with the name of another Russian city, Kazan. But despite the similarity of the pronunciation the two names are in no […]

Idiom: To Get Out of The Wrong Side of the Bed

You might have heard how Russians ask a person who is in a bad mood the following sentence: What is with you? Did you get out […]

The Dressed Herring Recipe

Dressed herring or literaly Herring under the fur coat is a very popular salad in Russia and the countries of the former USSR

Mount Elbrus, Europe’s Major Mountain Peak

Among Russia is most beautiful and amazing natural sites. Mount Elbrus is worth a visit. This is the highest mountain peak in Europe.

Garik Sukachev, A Life Dedicated to Russian Rock

Garik Sukachev is leader of the bands Brigade Cand then the Untouchables and author of many solo projects, film director and writer.

The Hipster Subculture in Soviet Union

By the late 1940s a youth subculture appeared in Soviet Union and rapidly spread in major Soviet cities. People who took part of this movement were […]

Russian Idioms and the Memory

Today, we will discover three expressions related to the memory: Mark my words, Ivan not remembering his kin, Talk of the devil.

“Прикольно!” – How to Say “It’s Fun!” in Russian

This expression Прикольно! can be translated in English by It is fun!. It is one of the most used slang words in modern Russian language.