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Rostov-On-Don, the Gates to the Caucasus

Today, I would like to introduce you with another city whose name is very similar to Rostov Veliky

Prepositions “в” and “на” with the Prepositional Case

Today I would like to bring your attention on two Russian prepositions that can be confusing for foreigners, the prepositions на and в

Russian Film: “Край” – The Edge

The Edge is a 2010 Russian drama directed by Alexei Uchitel

To Do Something On the Off Chance

To do something on the off chance, (faith in luck) it means to rely on chance, on luck.

Russian Words Evolution

Russian language is very rich. Knowing the origin and the meaning of the stem of a word, and the associated words that have been created from […]

Poem Cheerful tourist was written by Sergey Mikhalkov

Travel has a long tradition in Russia. During the Soviet times, excursions were a way to educate Soviet citizens.

Ilya Repin and The Volga Boatmen

Ilya Yefimovich Repin (1844-1930) was a leading Russian painter and sculptor of the Peredvizhniki artistic school.

A. P. Chekhov description of people are always concise and precise

As a doctor, and one of the greatest Russian writers of short stories, A. P. Chekhov description of people are always concise and precise.

The Imperial Faberge Easter Eggs

As Easter is approaching, this is the perfect time to talk about the most famous Easter eggs in the world: Faberge Eggs.

“The Heart of a Dog” – Mikhail Bulgakov

M. Bulgakov is novel Heart of a dog was only available in self published book. It was officially published only in 1987 (during the perestroika).